PlayGiga partners with CKH IOD and Hutchison Drei to create a lag-free cloud gaming on-the-move experience for the 5G era

PlayGiga partners with CKH IOD and Hutchison Drei to create a lag-free cloud gaming on-the-move experience for the 5G era

The technology has been exhibited in the recent Hutchison Drei´s 5G press conference which took place in Linz, Austria.

During the recent press event, which took place in the Linz´s Presseclub Ursulinenhof, Drei detailed its 5G roll out plan for Austria and showcased some 5G use cases, cloud gaming amongst them. CKH Innovations Opportunities Development (CKH IOD), a unit of CK Hutchison’s telecom division and Drei have partnered strategically with Playgiga to start showcasing the more immersive experience that cloud gaming over 5G will bring to consumers. The scope of this co-operation will be further extended to other CK Hutchison markets in due course.

According to the latest study by the company GlobalData, the video games market generated $131 billion in 2018 and could become a $300 billion industry by 2025, with the growth of mobile gaming and innovative offerings, like cloud gaming. This figure is larger than the combined value of the music and movie industries.

Cloud gaming offers a number of advantages over the traditional download model where games are installed and processed locally on PCs, video consoles or mobile devices.  In addition to that, it is one of the most obvious 5G use cases for the residential market, opening up a whole new market of AAA gaming on the move. Mobile gaming has been limited so far to casual low-spec games, since mobile devices do not have the local processing power to run high quality games. With 5G and cloud gaming, this will radically change, enabling a new installed base of millions of mobile devices to be AAA gaming ready in the near future.

Drei demonstrated PlayGiga´s gaming on the go prototype and low-spec laptop solution, both running entirely in the cloud over a Drei´s 5G CPE.

Attendants to the event were also able to appreciate PlayGiga´s Virtual Sofa mode with the famed Street Fighter® IV -a title extremely sensitive to latency. Thanks to PlayGiga´s cloud gaming technology, as the games are processed in the cloud, PlayGiga´s Virtual Sofa functionality turns any local multiplayer game into an online remote multiplayer game, enabling different players to play the same game from different locations.

PlayGiga is a Madrid-based cloud gaming pioneer, already present in 5 territories, that leverages cloud gaming technologies to make videogames accessible to everyone via an end-to-end gaming as a service proposition.

According to Jan Trionow, Drei CEO, “this conjoint initiative showed that 5G performance matches the expectations that have been generated in recent years. We are always exploring new ways to enrich our customers experience and cloud gaming represents one of the current best 5G use cases for the residential market”.

In Javier Polo, PlayGiga´s CEO, words: “PlayGiga is very excited to with the collaboration in this event with CKH Innovations Opportunities Development (CKH IOD) and Hutchison Drei Austria, one of the leading telecoms providers. We believe cloud gaming will become one of the first `killer app´ for 5G and consumers will soon enjoy the tremendous benefits delivered through our groundbreaking technology.”

PlayGiga participates, along with Intel, in the BT Consumer Live Event in Birmingham to demonstrate the power and incredible possibilities of cloud gaming on 5G.