“Today when we´re deploying cloud gaming, we´re typically doing it over fiber, cable networks or even ADSL networks. 5G adds something very important to the game which is that you can play triple-A gaming on the move, wherever you are. Telcos around the world are looking for use cases for 5G technology and we´re working with a number of them to provide a sort of the most extreme use case for 5G which would be a streaming of virtual reality game. The 360º degree experience of VR requires much better latency performance and here´s where 5G adds value… The two hottest markets in 5G are currently the US and South Korea… In emerging countries, the power of cloud gaming is that you can stream to lower devices, the penetration of video consoles or gaming PCs is very limited there as they´re very expensive”.

Javier Polo, PlayGiga´s CEO