Cloud Gaming offers a number of advantages over the traditional download model where games are installed and processed locally in PCs, video consoles or mobile devices. According to Steam surveys, 53% of Steam users do not have PCs with the local processing power to run new games. Cloud gaming removes this barrier. The downside is that cloud gaming has traditionally demanded custom servers equipped with multi GPU cloud graphic cards, fed, in turn, by high-end CPUs. On top of that, high-speed interfaces are required to enable the necessary number of concurrent users per server. Customization reduces monetization opportunities for around 95% of the time servers are underutilized when not being accessed by gamers. It´s simply not cost-efficient.

A collaborative agreement with INTEL® has allowed PlayGiga to develop a highly optimized cost architecture based on the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processors with Radeon™ RX Vega M Graphics, which enables scalability and minimum investment in capex as well as reduced operating costs.

Edge computing offers future performance advantages as well and, as it gains momentum, PlayGiga is working with Intel engineering teams in their US and Europe innovation labs to integrate this technology into future cloud gaming offerings that will take maximum advantage of the opportunities presented by the adoption of 5G.