Are you a videogames retailer?

If you are, it means that you are probably struggling under waning physical videogames sales. With digital finally overtaking physical, how can videogame retailers defend their bottom line?

If you ever thought you could cling to hardware sales (consoles and peripherals), you know you have already forgotten the idea. With cloud gaming getting a solid foothold in the video games market, consoles will be gone forever as well.

Is there anything you, as a videogames retailer, can do about it?

There is always a way. To start with, do not miss the boat and get onboard the cloud gaming bandwagon. The cloud is replacing consoles, the same way subscription services are replacing one-shot purchases, but this fact doesn´t mean you must be left out of the fun.

Step ahead and distribute our cloud gaming turnkey box to your customers so they can convert their TV in a top gaming console at an affordable price. They will soon see the benefits of a plug&play solution that includes +50 top AAA games already available and growing every month (up to 100!). You can also offer a convenient subscription fee through prepaid cards and share our recurrent revenues.

Consoles are the past now, do not miss the chance to join in the videogames future. Get in contact with us asap to learn more about our cloud gaming solution for retailers.