Disruption is a word much used and abused of late, so bringing up the disruption concept into the console business feels like treading on dangerous ground but… when EA descries the combination of streaming and subscription as “the greatest disruption” to the world of entertainment of the past five years, you just have to lean in and listen.

The last four months have wrought a disturbing change in the way 1st parties and publishers see the subscription and cloud gaming business model:

• On March, Microsoft divulged that they were getting their new cloud gaming division ready with the objective of reaching 2 billion gamers in the world and putting the company in path to $1 trillion.

• On May, EA proved that they are also betting aggressively on games-in-streaming by acquiring Gamefly subsidiary for cloud gaming and announcing, during the E3, that they are bringing cloud gaming to Origin Access.

• On June, Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, went further and declared that cloud gaming will replace consoles.

With these foundations, this year´s E3 has been very much focused on the idea that games will be played as a service hosted in the internet cloud and, as Gamesindustry highlighted in their E3 recap: “The most exciting news to come out of E3 wasn’t found in trailers or gameplay demos or on any release schedule. It was in the subtle evolutions of the way the industry approaches the market: the improvements to subscription services, the hints toward the imminent arrival of AAA game streaming”.

EA firmly believes that cloud gaming is going “to revolutionize how games are experienced”, Ubisoft announces the “death of consoles”, Microsoft bets on cloud gaming “to reach 2 billion gamers”… What do you think the rest of the publishers are mulling over at the moment?

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