Cloud gaming has gained momentum in the last year or so, as more and more leading videogame actors started expressing their support to this alternative distribution channel.

However, it has never completely got rid of its primitive criticism, originated when services like Onlive or Gaikai launched in an under-developed technological environment, very different from today´s circumstances.

Media attacks usually dwell on latency, pricing or content. While these shortcomings might have been true for some past, or even existing, B2C services, the situation is very different now.

1.Telco operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are in an excellent position to benefit from the cloud gaming advantages without suffering its hindrances.First of all, cloud gaming justifies the need for a premium internet connection and adds value to the existing telco´s content offering. Besides, operators can select their targets, offering the service only to their broadband and fiber connections, eliminating therefore the latency risk.

2. Regarding content, Netflix and Spotity did it previously with videos and music, the next logical step is the games industry. Telco operators and ISPs are the ideal partner for games publishers. They already have huge consumer audiences, complementary to the traditional publishers´ gaming targets, and know how to successfully launch and market new B2C offerings. Games publishers are always looking for new channels to maximize the reach of their games, especially when there´s no need for them to perform any kind of development or integration of code source in their games. In this sense, PlayGiga operates with a specialized sandbox technology that allows for an almost immediate integration of new games.

3. In the past, the prohibitive cost of scaling has made it difficult for cloud gaming providers to offer their service at a low price while keeping, at the same time, a profit margin. In this context, PlayGiga has built a HW agnostic platform which makes it future-proof, reducing costs and making it scalable, based not only on user numbers but also in games typologies. PlayGiga´s technology allows for different server configurations on the same deployment to optimize operating costs by 50%. The CapEx + Opex per month of delivering the service is low enough so ISPs can offer the service at a very competitive cost and still make a healthy margin.

Innovative and exciting services, such as PlayGiga´s, can help ISPs to acquire new customers or migrate customers from ADSL to fiber services, while retaining and increasing revenues from existing clients.

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