Is the Spanish market ready for cloud gaming?

Here´s an overview of a market research on Spanish gamers trends and facts carried out by GFK on behalf of PlayGiga, during 2 weeks on September 2017.

The research is based on 1,004 online interviews (Sampling error:  +/-3.09%)

  1. Lack of gaming hardware

About 50% of gamers own a last generation console or gaming PC, which means that the other half play with outdated hardware.

PlayGiga allows demanding games to be played in a low-spec Pc (or Mac!).

  1. Gamer want to play many games but cannot afford them

60% of gamers play more than 2 games every month but only 34% buy more than 2 games monthly.  Which means that they cannot afford more even if the need to play is there (67% play more than 3 hours per week). But games are expensive, gamers spend on average between 30€ and 70€ per title.

PlayGiga offers unlimited access to dozens of console-quality games.

  1. What games do they buy? Blockbusters and genres they enjoy- mainly offline

Almost half of the research sample declare that they buy mainly blockbusters (FIFA, Call of Duty…) while 34% buy games of a genre they like, regardless how popular the game is.

PlayGiga has developed a cloud gaming service with a variety of games that caters for all tastes

A majority of gamers mainly play offline, either alone (34%) or in local multiplayer with family and friends (28%) while only 32% play mainly online. The remaining 5% play in other houses probably due to the lack of gaming hardware.  38% play between 3 and 5 weekly hours.

  1. Stable internet connections

Spain is well positioned in terms of broadband.  More than 20 mbps connections are available in 65% of households.

Around 10 mpbs are enough to play in PlayGiga´s streaming services.

  1. Subscriptions are becoming widespread

Games are moving to a subscription model just as movies and music did before. Netflix is already present in 33% of our research sample households, while HBO is in 13% and Spotify Premium in 15% of them.

PlayGiga is a subscription based service.

  1. Parental control

Parent´s attitude towards videogames is positive but, as might be expected, 73% of parents demand controlled gaming for their children, both in terms of knowing what they´re playing and controlling gameplay time. Parents would like their children to play mainly edutainment (82%), but family gaming is also popular. 67% of the parents demand coop games to be able to play with their children. What children actually play is another matter altogether.

PlayGiga is working in a parental control both in terms of games and time allowed to play.